Alexis LeBlanc

White Court Lady


Alexis “LeBlanc” Raith is the head of the house in the Washington D.C. area. She is younger sister to the current Lord Raith and older sister to Michael Raith, whom she has discreetly been sent to keep watch over. She is every bit the seducer, manipulater, and schemer that her family prides itself on. She runs the most high caliber escort service in the Washington D.C. area “Alabaster Dreams”. While she isn’t ever seen on the hill or in any matters pertaining to the city, it is well known that she is connected in almost every aspect of the town, from the police to the sanitation department her fingers are in all the pies the city offers. It is also widely known that Alexis is powerhungry, wishing to rise further in the ranks of the White Court perhaps someday supplanting her own brother. While she has no problem finding young men to hang on her arm while she is out and about, it is somewhat strange that none ever stay the night. Her entire house staff, including security, are all female and all extremely attractive.


Alexis LeBlanc

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