Demetrius Jones

Crazy 8's Gang Leader


Antoine Jones and Demetrius Parks grew up together in a one bedroom project. Their mother was a junkie and didn’t have the inclination to do more than leave a box of cereal on the counter for them for a weeks meals. Early on these two brothers learned to look out for themselves. At an early age they started their criminal career, stealing what they could to survive. Later they graduated and joined the Hell Reavers street gang. They quickly rose through the ranks of the organization, using fear, violence, and a willingness to get dirty to achieve whatever goal they saw fit. Soon they were the co-leaders of the gang. That was when trouble split the two. Antoine was seeing a young woman, Precious Benedict. Precious wasn’t anything special to most but Antoine loved her. The only problem with that was that Precious wanted Demetrius. One night she slipped a little something extra in his drink and had her way with him. That was when Antoine walked in. His brother had no clue what was happening till later. When he got wind of what Antoine had done to Precious, he figured out he was probably next. He took some of the boys in the gang he could trust and split from the Hell Reavers. He became leader of the Crazy 8’s, arch enemies of the Youngbloods. Demetrius doesn’t want to hurt his brother but he can’t afford to look weak in front of his people or the other street gangs so he wages war with the same ruthlessness that he has always used. Heaven help the thug that gets the kill on Antoine.


Demetrius Jones

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