"Emperor" Nelson VanKemp

Warden of the White Council


“Emperor” Nelson VanKemp has long served as the justice of the White Council of Wizards in the area of and surrounding Wasington D.C. Born shortly after the Revolutionary War in Boston, Nelson was identified and accepted into the White Council. His mentor, John Trevail, a former crusader in King Richards Wars to retake the holy land, instilled in VanKemp a deep loyalty to the structures of law and order. Nelson became the warden of Washington D.C. around the end of the Civil War, but during his early years as a Warden he was known to be very antagonistic to the local practitioners of magic, having extremely high expectations for all Wizards. He was always ready to harshly indict a Wizard for even the most petty offenses.

It was not until some time around the turn of the 20th century that a noticeable change overcame VanKemp. No one alive today can say for sure his motivation, but nonetheless VanKemp turned away from the stringent legalism of his younger days. He sold all his material possessions. He placed his sizeable fortune into a high intrest fund. The interest on this fund was directed into several non-profit organizations and donation centers that care for the homeless and disenfranchised of the Washington D.C. area. He then took to the streets, to live in and among those he wished to care for. To that effect he has proclaimed an area that is now much of the Downtown area of DC his own. He brokers no gangs, criminals, or supernatural threats in that area. Police and law enforcement are welcome so long as they do not abuse the citizenry. The homeless of the city know him, they respect him. He provides what shelter he can to those not able to attain any at the homeless shelters he funds, also giving them food and clothing. The homeless and their ilk have taken to calling him “Emperor” Nelson and like any lord they have given him their allegiance, just as he has in return. Be warned that Emperor’s Row is his main haunt and also be warned that his status as homeless in no way mitigates his duties as warden of one of the most dangerous cities in the United States.

"Emperor" Nelson VanKemp

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