Hiro Nakamura

Yakuza Crimelord


Hiro Nakamura’s mother passed away during childbirth. His father was a fisherman in Kyoto. As a boy he spent a great deal of time on his father’s modest fishing vessel. His primary task in those days was to maintain the fishing nets and to sweep the deck after a haul. When a freak storm ran the small ship aground, killing his father, Hiro found himself with few options. At the age of 11, he became a street urchin, stealing food, pickpocketing, and resorting to petty crimes in order to survive. When he attempted to pick the pocket of a Yakuza gangster, the Gangster snatched Hiro’s hand as he reached for the gangster’s wallet. At that moment, Hiro’s life came to a fork in the road. He could have apologized or showed deference to the Yakuza, but instead he was defiant. He stuck his tongue out at the gangster and kicked him in the shins, managing to struggle free from his grasp and escape. He ran away and hid, but the Yakuza didn’t forget the heinous grievance. A few days later the Yakuza gangster managed to find Hiro and capture him. What came next was unexpected—he took Hiro under his wing, realizing what a brave and competent boy he was. That night, Hiro recieved his first tattoo as an initiation into the Yakuza. Since that time he has recieved dozens more as he worked his way up the ladder of crime. Five years ago, Hiro was selected by the head of the Yakuza to head a new branch of the crime ring in the city of Washington DC. Seeking to gain power in the one of the world’s seats of power, the Yakuza Boss sent Hiro to Washington.

Hiro sought out the assistance of a distant relative, Ayake “Nan” Kikujiro, the proprietor of Kikujiro Japanese Imports. From the back room of this large import store, he has run the DC branch of the Yakuza since arriving in DC. The Yakuza do not seek to promote petty crime or drug trafficking, rather they seek to gain power and influence via respect by “protecting” citizens from other criminals in their territories. For their “protection,” they charge quite a steep fee.

Hiro Nakamura

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