Jasmine Lawson

Journalist for the Daily Oracle


Many years ago the Daily Oracle was no more than a rag full of made-up stories about fictional boogey-men, but when Jasmine Lawson joined the staff, the newspaper soon began running “credible” stories. While the stories are still about vampires and ghouls, it turns out the stories they run now all are credible, thanks solely to the journalistic integrity of Ms. Lawson.

Raised in the Fairlawn neighborhood of DC, she is a story of a hometown girl made good. She attended the journalism program at Georgetown, and upon graduation, she could have had her pick of any of the city’s top papers, but her own interest in the occult led her to join the staff at the Daily Oracle. While all her friends from college laughed at her choice to join a “yellow” paper, she had her own reasons for wanting to write about the supernatural. Her own house was haunted as a child, and she grew up recognizing that the world was more complicated than people usually admitted.


Jasmine Lawson

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