Senator Bob Frost

Senator Pawn of the Winter Court


Senator Frost is a Republican from Vermont who was first elected to Congress in 1988 running on a pro-business, anti-regulation platform. During his first re-election campaign, he faced a tough challenge from a Democrat running on a platform of tighter business regulations and environmental reforms. In the final hours of Frost’s campaign, when all the polls showed his rival leading in the polls by several points, the Senator was approached by the Winter Queen, Mab, who offered him a deal. She promised to guarantee his ongoing political success if he simply agreed to obey her commands with regards to his voting patterns on certain issues. He was initially reluctant to agree but he knew that without her help he would lose the election, and thus he hesitantly agreed. Despite every pre-election poll showing that he would lose that election, he won by an astounding margin—enough that many news agencies suspected fraud. Nonetheless, he has gone on to win every re-election campaign since that time. Many reporters have since noted Frost’s strange about-face on environmental issues following his near-loss. The Winter Queen has forced him to vote for certain environmental measures aiming to put a stop to global warming.

This arrangement is currently unknown to all except Frost and Mab.

Senator Bob Frost

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